65 \ 153


sibling scions:
Mireille – ambitious, structured
Cristobal – reserved, considerate
Carlo – tempestuous, decisive

ascendant, son-in-line:
Grant Vario – distinguished, worthy

myself, Celeste – steadfast, unrelenting


Charlotte – ferocious, efficient

scion, absent:
Soleil – piercing, valorous

[from the Annals of Celeste, Magus the 24th]

64 \ 152

Another of my house falls away, or near enough to count; out of many Councillors, the closest of all of them to my granddaughter, also the only dragon among them. Having survived a near-fatal attack, Arkuda immediately resigned er post.

This changes everything, while everything is changing. Another Dragon Councillor must be found. With regards to our friend, a dragon has necessary prerogatives. The Magus dynasty survives with determination.

I think now on the painting, “A Window to the Past” by Earne Andem. The frame of the window stands somehow, despite the surrounding building being blasted or crumbled away. The skies all around are grey, but through the window shows clear blue. At times I resort to this window to secure a moment of peace.

Sturlusson (the younger) disappeared from his Cage of Eternity. I’m ready for him. I remember shaking his father’s hand, pup of a boy at his side. Now he wants to bring ruin, well… there can be ruin. Already, pillars are falling. My mood is shifting away from careful.

Descendant Successor for whom these records exist: in such times, you must be willing to unleash your power.

[from the Annals of Celeste, Magus the 24th]

Technical Difficulty; a Related Suggestion

Holiday elf IT is solving what finally amounted to a computer crisis for the author. Is that code for Kao-Sidhe/Vedani alliance technology? Wouldn’t that be something. To me, computers are like that, a blend of chaos and otherworldly invention.

Upon this slight interruption, I recommend the following volume, which was given to me by a neighbor. It’s actually fairly pertinent to various scientific and philosophical underpinnings in Bones of Starlight, filling in my basis for fiction with studied correlations in our universe:


Crystal & Dragon, by David Wade


Godel, Escher, Bach: The Eternal Golden Braid, by Douglas Hofstadter