Cascadia Recap

Friday & Saturday were both beautiful days to do the things we love to do best, and that included writing and group creativity!  From river to art installation to stage, live art, and teahouse – we connected in different ways with writing and perspective. We had such an engaging group of people.


I also mic-delivered the entirety of The Lay of Sakhana & Zoe from Book 1 during Saturday’s open mic at the Dream Zone (2).  I’ve read parts of this at speculative poetry panels at Arisia (Boston) and Norwescon (Seattle).  Will share official photos when they come…


Below, Adam One (13th Sequence centerpiece artist) in front of his live painting, with our friends.


Here is a workshop artwork I made, featuring the tree people of Cascadia:


And while I was away from my studio, it was shortly inhabited with experimenting graffiti art by George Myers (below).


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