Creative Commons 2017 Global Summit

Since I began releasing Bones of Starlight online in 2014, Creative Commons has been the licensing entity assuring my authorship, and your readership.  It created a safe environment for me to air my work, and maintain the motivation to complete the first book (and let us say, those after).

I used the same kind of license for the printed work, and I love seeing it there on the copyright page, a sort of affirmation from the first time Creative Commons made perfect sense to me.  It still does.  Collaboration with artists is made easier, and that’s how I’m able to include such excellent images.

Last year’s Creative Commons panel at MidAmericon 2 was a great experience.  It’s now time to strengthen the connection between my work and this growing movement, so that I can also bring Creative Commons to people for whom it makes sense.

I’m glad to be here.  I’m glad it’s here.

Your thoughts on the matter...

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