Arisia 2017, Boston

Here’s to possible new friends in unknown territories!

I’ve made passing visits to Boston twice, and found it to be impressive and intriguing.  I have the great good luck of a Con or Bust sponsorship to Arisia 2017, where I’ll host a pop-up event with The Magical Typewriter!  All three nights (1-13/14/15), I’ll be facilitating your typewriterly urges.  Look to the events postings inside.


Why Con or Bust?  I am a filipina-irish first generation american emerging writer.  Many people would like to hear voices from varying kinds of heritage in the science fiction & fantasy community, and Con or Bust manages the bounty of donated sponsorships available to achieve this – from attending memberships to other available aid, by fans for fans.  There are possibilities for conventions across the United States.  They can help make things happen!  And they will even be AT ARISIA.  This organization is an independent offshoot of the Carl Brandon Society, which hosts a number of prize awards with the same mission at heart.

Your thoughts on the matter...

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