Sticker Mystery, Share Your Words

Here’s a strange facet to the season: mail theft!


Whoever it was (perhaps a certain… jolly fellow… behind on deadline) got my freshest batch of Bones of Starlight stickers!  Courtesy of Seattle’s own Uncle Slappy.  Careful, that could be a stolen black market sticker.


I’ll take this opportunity to again direct attention to a small side project, Share Your Words @ Standing Rock. My typewriter was the vehicle for people’s thoughts and expressions on Veteran’s Day, 11/11/2016, at the Oceti Sakowin camp near Cannonball, ND. The historic unfolding of these events is a piece of gladness for which I still feel waves of gratitude, and some friends of mine still hold that ground.


The six collective pages are being hosted and transcribed over its own facebook page, and I intend to continue storing and propagating these images and words in different places on the web. Melwing also archived them on imgur.

I’m now in the midst of sharing the higher quality scanned images of the typed pages, and transcribing what’s written for readability and searchability.  I do it in my extra time, therefore it’s not under schedule.

The images and their written contents are available to the public for distribution, reuse, and evolution under a Creative Commons free culture license (CC-BY).  I feel this is in the spirit of the collective work, and I don’t even feel the need for my name to be attached so long as it isn’t misattributed.  But I will appreciate the nod when given.

Your thoughts on the matter...

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