Recaptioned & Kaade

I’ve added the following captions to the photo recap of late summer Worldcon tour travels :

Industry, Chicago
Wrigley Hostel
Romeo & Juliet, Palmer House Hilton
Twelfth Night Columbia Park
Burger Time
The Runcible Spoon, Bloomington Indiana
Longtime buddy, math Professor Noah Snyder
Kansas City, Missouri
autograph getter Rafeal Richardson
shelved at Fairewood Press
with George R. R. Martin
I broke down in front of Tamora Pierce
upon the Iron Throne
Tamora Pierce’s autographing line
Wild Cards with David Levine
Hugo Losers Party – yep that’s me
first filipina Hugo award (she let me hold it!) for semipro fanzine
Hallcon with Vanessa McClellan, Rafeal Richardson, Elliot Schmidt
at the Hadley Rille party
Josh & Lisa: E Pluribus Hugo
George R. R. Martin announcing the Alfies
Alfie Award to Black Gate, John O’Neill accepting
Alfie Award to Locus Magazine
Chicago Midland Theater
MidAmericon 2
I held this Hugo award and the shelf collapsed by itself, breaking this commemorative ashtray.
The Foglio family, of Girl Genius.
with the Black Gate Alfie, Vanessa MacLellan, Fonda Lee, Alec Nevala-Lee
at the Green Lady, Charlie Parker’s old digs
Bubonicon 48 with Rachel Caine & Jeffe Kennedy
George R. R. Martin reading at Bubonicon 48
Ming the Merciless
with Robert & Kristen Sevilli, & Niki.. good times in the autographing line
At tea with Jane Linskold
& William S. at tea
with Melinda Snodgrass – got my copy!
Thomas Christopher Haag in Albuquerque
at Van Loon Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico
such lovely chairs
Meow Wolf’s mysterious living room
Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf
Symbol @ Deep Space Coffee
Rachel Mulder’s typewriter art at Powell’s City of Books
Simran Narmis slow paparazzi polaroil of The Wild Body
Rogue’s End at Faerieworlds 15
Unicorn Ladies
Totoro at Faerieworlds opening ceremony
Vaquita mermaid reading The Drowner by Peadar O Guilin
Pearl Solora Zule & Preston Hughes at Oberon’s Traveling Tavern
with Einar Selvik of Wardruna & Jeff at Seidr workshop
night camp party with Niel Mitra of Faun, & Fox
at The Challenge reading event alongside Caroline Yoachim
The Challenge collaborative event at Photon Factory Seattle, featuring Animals of Grace
Caroline Yoachim reading from Seven Wonders of a Once & Future World
St. Cinder at Sh’BangFest pirate camp
the Demon Bradley at the soapbox derby finish line
prop dragon by Wingnut Customs
James Gull finishing in the Doom Koffin
Sh’BangFest, Alger, Washington

This is Kaade, from Bubonicon 48.  We’re planning on collaborating.


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