Summer Tour


Galway Arms – Chicago, IL
MidAmericon II – Kansas City, MO
Van Loon Gallery – Santa Fe, NM
Faerieworlds 15 – Portland, OR
Photon Factory – Seattle, WA

also featuring:
Richard Chwedyk, Lauren Asta, Dr. Charles Gannon, Joe Haldeman, Christine Taylor-Butler, Larry Niven, Marguerite Kenner, Cory Doctorow, William Frank, Dr. Claire McCague, Kathryn Sullivan, Ms. Jeffe Kennedy, Steven Gould, Elizabeth Bear, Andrea G. Stewart, Vivian Trask, Lindsey Mealing, Courtney Schafer, Kaja Foglio, Mr. Paul Cornell, Tamara Jones, Tamora Pierce, Betsy Mitchell, Arnie Fenner, Erin Wilcox, Richard Shealy, Caroline Yoachim, Josh Vogt, Zarna Joshi, Petro Krysa

more tba

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