(Rough Release 18)

[[ From Bones of Starlight: The Enfolding Abyss, Book 2 – Prologue]]

Stretches first, of course.  A big step to launch into the movement, heading partly upside down, involving limbs with the floor.  From one movement to another.  Rotating in a controlled tumble, she enjoyed the rhythm defined by her body.

From a small plane of light, a bright beam burst into the room.  The woman noticed it as she danced, and passed her hands through it.  This seemed the natural thing to do.  Three sparks emerged, expanding to glowing wire frames that floated to position.  One spoke.  “Is it exactly what you were looking for?”

“I’m unsure as to its importance, but I am enjoying what you brought me.  In that sense, perhaps yes.”  The wireframes nodded.  “I do wonder where you found it.”  The wire frames shook their heads.  “For some reason I haven’t asked anyone to learn this with me.  Do the Vedani dance?”

The wireframes stopped moving.  “Not exactly.”

“Not like you’re thinking.”

“It’s not for the sake of a good time.”

“Unless they’re having a good time doing it.”

“It’s scary,” said Rosy Glow, though a laugh issued forth.

“If you see it, something terrible may be occurring.”


“The answer is no…” Dragon Food smothered his chuckles, “but yes.  They’re very good at it.”

“If they teach you, you should try it.”

“Try it!”

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