(Rough Release 17) & Nebulas Mass Autographing

(Nebula Awards Mass Autographing tonight 8pm Red Lacquer Room, Palmer House Hilton, Chicago)

[[ From Bones of Starlight: The Enfolding Abyss, book 2 – Prologue ]]

This Vedani transport was familiar enough in form that Soleil could stand on it correctly by guessing.  A handle-grip platform encased with an interactive field.

The gloves they gave her to control the machine were wearable without modification.  They explained that she would lack certain degrees of interface, but she had enough inherent skin conductivity to enable control.  They showed her how to make settings for her human accomodations.

And it moved.  She was in space, with others in space.  Soleil thought she knew all about space, before.  Standing in it, fielded, with the rest standing somewhere nearby while they rotated the stars around their solid footings, felt like something she’d wanted for a long time but didn’t know existed.


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