(Rough Release 11)

[[ From The Enfolding Abyss: Prologue ]]

Node utilities were accessed by all Vedani, and Soleil stumbled on a node before she knew what it was.  This one didn’t activate for her, but it did call its owner, who didn’t speak her language, but showed her how it worked.

The Princess had created a node that would map things into a country.  Learning Country was her private name for it.  She’d made a number of personal structures that hadn’t been suggested by the information.  There was a giant golden instrument, a cyclone-shaped horn followed by a loop twisted into bends and curves that plugged into a weather system.  That was her most ambitious and interestingly functional feature.

She shouldn’t have been, but Soleil was surprised at how many people knew exactly who she was.  It was explained to her that once someone started bundling, people learned of them – it altered and marked connected flows.  Anyone touching the networks opened themselves to the moving understanding of others, a milestone young Vedani look forward to encountering.  The Princess felt humbled that she’d been allowed to achieve it.

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