(Rough Release 7)

[[ From The Enfolding Abyss, Prologue ]]

She could bundle, she could trunk, but did she know how to connect?  Somehow Soleil could tell that she was communicating with youth.

Soleil was carefully given, by request as though she were stupid, instructions on how to complete a hand-to-hand connection.

The Vedani started simple as it gets.  “Make your hand a fist, back facing up, knuckles pointing forward.  When I say go, move it forward slowly and evenly.  As though it’s going to hit something.  Don’t be too surprised.”  But she was utterly surprised when it did.  She instantly looked at her hand.  “Did you feel me?  You did it.  Look.”

The trunk she’d been working on was now made of double the cords, as though they’d all been formed together.  Hers were yellow, theirs were blue, and things were looking green.  “Yeah.”  After that, Soleil practiced with them in earnest.

“Angle your chop hand at minus thirty-five and slash it back at your side like you’re cleaning your sword.”

“Make your fist explode after it connects and keep your fingers straight as you draw your hand back toward you.  But keep them pointing forward.”

“Put the fingertips of one hand together in a little point.  See the bird head?  Okay, peck.  But pointier, and harder.”

“Knock on the door three times with your rapping knuckles.”

“Point your index finger in front of you, and slowly poke.”

Soleil learned the names for the motions, making her faster through shorthand.  The first time she correctly hit a series of eleven in a row, she felt great about the results.  “Did someone order more fries?”

“Yes we did, and you delivered.”

“Piping hot.”

“Krinkle Kut.”

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