(Rough Release 2)

[[ From The Enfolding Abyss: Prologue ]]

First she had to learn how to listen.  Humans could do it, they insisted.  The Vedani communication networks were complex, partly instinctual, and required the skill of putting two and two together.

It was solid hours of listening before she learned how to color their voices, how to hear their distance and the ring of relevance.  They wanted her to know that this was practically everywhere.  They showed her neighborhoods of their placement.  She’d known upon meeting them that she must meet them fully.

(Rough Release 1)

[[ I have not done this before, but this is what I have to deliver, only to you, who must be the most curious of readers.  I am here, and this is this.  It will be nicely shined before you see it again very soon.  I anticipate a few. ]]

– ROUGH 1 –

Here, their company was cordially welcoming, reflecting the moment Soleil had encountered them in dream state.  It was easy to doubt something no one else had seen, until she was undeniably surrounded.  Despite that, it was a relief to be so quickly out from under eyes and forces greater.  These people were strangers, possibly enemies, and that was easier to understand than trusted people who meant ill.

They who called themselves Vedani taught her some rudimentary basics.  How to use their transports and read their maps, the shape of the ship, and where to get food.  It seemed no one was interested in taking care of her.  But no one was trying to hurt her, and they all knew who she was.  They couldn’t teach her more if she didn’t know this much, that was plain.  A few knew her language; she imparted hers and gained a little of theirs each time, this skill especially easy under urgency.  She was glad they allowed her a child’s grasp of their means.