(Rough Release 6)

[[ From The Enfolding Abyss: Prologue ]]

It was stubborn determination that taught her how to throw.  Throwing wasn’t a skill she’d especially cared to acquire.  A swing, however…

She wanted a swing.  And she was told, by her father, that she must learn how to hang it herself.  Soleil knew where she wanted it.  Probably the most difficult tree in the whole court, for its picturesque qualities.  The branch called her and said, swing from me.

She actually looked at physics diagrams, and laid out five means before her, all frustrating.  Frustrating because she kept missing.  Close enough was not the right spot.  She watched people throw, eyes narrowed.  They made it look easy.  She continued to hurl her means at the beckoning branch, wondering if this was taking too long.

Then, an eye opened – a special, suddenly bright point in space.  The moment she saw it, her muscles spasmed, and the line sailed straight through.  She stood there shocked, just watching the line laying in the right spot.  She would do it a second time.

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