Book Inbound, Other Voyages & Sketch Note 19

The first limited bare bones printing of Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides is now en route to Friday Harbor, WA!  This is missing a few things I intend for the next printing, chiefly an index; but it does have a nice table of contents, which is currently still missing from the ebook.  With section titles, even. I’ll be there to pick it up sometime.

It’s a very short printing, 30 copies, one reserved for the Library of Congress.  Since they want one.  I’ll make a handful available at Mother Foucault’s Bookshop, I’ll let you know when.

Anyone willing to commit to a review, contact me at and you may get one of a few review copies.  Some will be made available online too, probably before the indexed Portals version comes in.  That, I intend to be the mass market edition with regards to content, though one more may come out with other cover art.  I’m so totally onto the next book, you guys.

And that’s book news.  Look for it by the new year.

But what else am I working on?  That partially depends on you:

Journey Hope Voice Island Sea

Journey Hope Voice Island Sea

Check out this kickstarter project and see if that’s appealing, this is a window to a depictive poetry series, space whale philosophy short stories, interdisciplinary travelogue and larger collaborations with educational & anecdotal materials. This retreat is the activation to bringing you these particular specialties, which I would like to if I’m able!


The look.  That look.


Section 18

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