Ebook, OryCon Art Show, Wordstock Recap


At the top of this page, is a link you may or may not have noticed; this leads to the site where you can buy a copy of the Fire On All Sides ebook.  This first novel installment clocks in at just over 200 pages.  The bare bones version is only text – how old fashioned!  It’s easier on the eyes, less clicking, and sized for tablets in one-page PDF format.  How much does it cost?  Only triple sevens.

FOAS cover

Get it at payhip.com/primalspiral


OryCon 37

Bones of Starlight artwork originals will be hanging at the Art Show under the Primal Spiral name.  This includes all nine story portal originals, along with sketch pages from later sections.

63   67   75

If originals strike you as a bit scruffy, there will be a set of 11×17″ portal prints in the Print Shop.

Eighth Sequence   Seventh Sequence   Sixth Sequence

I’ll be roving panels on Saturday, and as for the rest no doubt it will be an adventure.


Thanks to Literary Arts for a beautifully cozy day in the Art Museum.  Good to see so many turn out, braving rainy lines to find us weirdos inside.

Wordstock aisle


At the Bookmark Ball the night previous…

Bookmark Ball

All gardens must start from the soil.

le table

Folks of all ages joined in to fill the typewriter page… which explains why I don’t need to censor any of it.

type page


I brought Tris, my 1958 Hermes 3000 typewriter, to join a diversity of relatives at the 1,000 Words event at the Independent Resource Publishing Center.  We typed up flash fiction by various prompts, and shared the results with reading authors.  I worked with “this is how it did not begin”, along with choice words, and all of it (the entire hefty third of a page) is going into the collection zine!

1K Words Reading

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