Seattle: Celebrus Lupercalia

I’ll be bringing my typewriter to Seattle to host a Love Letters station at Celebrus Lupercalia, Saturday Feb. 1, 4/8pm-2am at Substation.


a pre-Roman pastoral festival; releasing, love, health, bounty, and fertility.
It is a celebration of the fertile spirit, and we honor this with a [paean] to PAN. The holiday was the inspiration for the western holiday of Valentines and a continuation of the ancient celebration of FEBRUA [~= febrile]; which is the root for the name of the month February. It is a light hearted celebration intended to lift spirits and bring about a bountiful spring summer and harvest season. It is also to honor that romantic desire of connection and lust.

A love letter can be to anyone, of any kind of love you wish to celebrate and commemorate. I can aid you as scribe with transcription or creative guidance, and the letter is a keepsake. I previously typed love letters for people at Behind the Veil 2 in Port Townsend and the variety was a delight. As a young person learning about love, I read a volume or two of love letters by luminaries to their romances, and while I realize those were not addressed to me, they did inspire me to cultivate my own sentiments. I’m pleased to be keeping this art alive. Meanwhile there will be rooms and hours of music, a 4-course dinner to delight, and merriment besides.

As the Platen Turns

Taking a moment here to appreciate the layer of my process that is the typewriter draft. Bones of Starlight second draft occurs via typewriter, and it’s just worked well that way the entire time. Rhythm, immediacy, physicality, sound, focus, energy investment, all are contributing factors. So here’s some upcoming prose in its raw typewriter incarnation. I do fewer on-page edits than when I began.


Author Site: Liminal Alchemy typewriter

For the moment, have a look at the richly intriguing collective pages made at the Liminal Alchemy art party at Praxis Gallery, Seattle.

Here’s an excerpt:

magnanimous is a state one achieves when one ascends to entelexeia.
entelexeia is acquired when integrity is curated within one’s character.
one’s character is refined by habits of repeated actions.
repeated actions are driven by one’s choices.

one’s choices are inspired by a collection of thoughts.
true thoughts that move one’s self are intrinsically magnanimous.
Listen carefully and one will be moved, inspired, and create without integrative