Poetry at Gallery Mystes Rising

Gallery Mystes Rising is a unique space in Friday Harbor, WA that hosts an eclectic array of visual and other arts. Right next to the ferry landing, it draws seekers and dreamers.

I am bringing some poetry poppers to next Monday’s musical event, on the 23rd, 8-10pm. Find them, or find me. 100 Front St. Ste. 28, 98250. Can also arrange for signed copies of Bones of Starlight.


[Containing a hand-lettered cloth patch, editioned/signed handwritten copier broadsheet of winning poem “Stars Framed in Adobe Clay” & beach-found seaglass, sewn shut.]

Sh’Bang Fest! & Poetry Popper

I’m going to Sh’Bang Fest, and will be amongst the audience in the Saloon Chapel tomorrow 9/7 Saturday night from 9pm-close. I’m bringing a limited edition Poetry Popper – with a hand-lettered fabric patch, a signed copier broadsheet of my ribbon-winner poem Stars Framed in Adobe Clay (lettered in my handwriting), and small piece of beach glass picked by me. Compensate or romance me appropriately.

My poetry is signed: e.l.elasigue