Review: Abyss Surrounding by Black Gate

An excellent review for the second book of this trilogy has come in from Alfie Award-winning fantasy literature periodical Black Gate.

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“Entirely as complex, multilayered, and compelling as the first, Abyss Surrounding offers daring new concepts along with enticing new situations holding familiar characters in their clutches.”

Reviewer Damien Moore picked out some personal highlights and used glowing words, such as “endlessly wondrous” and “read the book.”

You can read it here on this website in the linked originally serialized postings organized by title in the menu at the top, or obtain it via your favorite major channel, including your local bookstore.

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Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides is now listed on the lively sharing platform known as Goodreads.

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The online store links do not yet work, but they will.  The distribution channels may take a various while to filter through (2 months for some), but it’s out of my hands now and that’s up to the process.

But you are now welcome to request the book at your local retailer through Ingram distributors, generally where new books are sold!

Release Date:  Friday, February 5 2016.
ISBN-10:  1-944416-02-1
ISBN-13:  978-1-944416-02-7