Greater Beyond, beginning May 31st

Serial chapter postings from the next book of Bones of Starlight, 3: Greater Beyond will begin on May 31st! I’m really excited about this one, where so much will be revealed and this saga come to a close. Until then, expect various updates.

This posting is coming from the Writer’s Room of the London Library, as a guest of my member friend! From a glance at the portraits, I see that T.S. Eliot and Alfred, Lord Tennyson have preceded me here (as previous presidents of the library). Yes, that’s me there on the right, image permission granted by the other pictured member.


Yesterday in London, I was able to visit a unique independent bookstore also loved by other visiting writers: Word on the Water! A fine selection of books aboard a comfy houseboat with a fire-tending dog, and they also hold featured events. In this photo I’m standing in front with the owner, John.