130 \ 322

There were a few items of provender sitting on a kerchief in the corner. In the middle of a room cleared of rotted furniture, Raev sat cross-legged. He cradled the glowing fist-sized mixed phronium ingot in the crook of his open hand, against his abdomen. The set of his mouth was tranquil, but his brow was slightly furrowed over closed eyes.

He flipped from thought to thought, wondering what he should do and where he should be. Raev was holding a betweenlight meditation, acknowledging good and bad, while it was twilight outside. The glow of the phronium was stronger in contrast; he also meditated centrally on this new object. What to do with this undoubtedly unique conglomeration of elements?

There was also everything he had embedded within him, and without particular ambition, he subtly continued testing the connections and reactions it created with this new piece. He thought of it as a potentiator, something that might be able to accomplish the unguessable.

Raev searched along the pathways that lead from his realms of existence. He had a kind of broadened access to dimensions humans don’t often frequent, and maybe somewhere in there he could find a cue as to where he should place himself, out of the way of ultimate triumph.

He was experiencing simultaneity, his presence distributed between several places, when he abruptly felt seen. When the two presences found they were able to verbalize, they sounded like each other in some essential way.

in between
without needing
in stillness
unique –
I know this power.
mixed feelings
about it, but
it does not
fear me
many more
fear me –
I could leave
them behind
for the rest
of the universe,
though this
is interesting
perhaps, it is I
who seeks peace

Oh – you’re
familiar, fancy
finding you here;
in particular
I seek nothing
in particular,
other than my
ultimate destiny,
which awaits
no matter where
I turn
I could spend
time with you
if such be time
I’m not sure
we’ve properly
met, though
I know
who you are.
as long as
I can breathe,
after a fashion,
I’ll be fine
in your world

I would enjoy
some conversation;
this could be
important, though
it need not be.
simple company
sounds good
there is a place
we could rest
asking little or
doing much
I can bring you
through, if you
reach out to me
I will not
hurt you
if you will not
hurt me
this will be
fine for now
we can speak
of the endings
you think upon

Raev did reach out to Acamar, and in a flash of dark matter scales, the house and the planet were again devoid of human life.

54.2 \ 236

The class sat up, picking up their notebooks beside them to do some journaling. Words, drawings, letters, scribbles, whatever they wanted to record in this moment at their learning level. Jae, their teacher, got to her feet and drifted around fixing her ringlets, preparing spots around the edge of the room with pairs of pillows. She passed close to the circle to peek encouragingly at open pages. Prince Cristobal and the new student were executing some form of comics dialogue or duel, taking turns with back-and-forth arrows. It looked vivid and complex, and their faces were mercurial with reaction, holding their voices in during this active moment of quiet.

The blossoming of this enlivening friendship had been a sweet surprise, yesterday. The Prince’s reserve had melted into effervescence. He relaxed and had fun as though they were sitting on a beach. Carlo, often under Cristobal’s charge, seemed more at peace now. The new student, Toller, was bright and personable, and his sense of humor put people at ease. They rearranged for notebook shares at the front of the room, and though the teacher was aware of the existence of an entire storyline, those two boys sat on their journals and watched others. Everyone then bid a fond farewell to the Aquari guests, learning how to make a tactile grasp of meeting and parting. The octopuslike arm tentacles did not have suckers; they were velvety and uniquely tinted.

“Okay, we’ll take partners now for a session of Teaching Each Other. Pick a spot at the edge of the room, and this time we’ll exchange something from yesterday – from in school or out of school – from your own experience.” Jae helped a few of the kids choose someone else. Toller and Prince Cristobal stuck together, and she didn’t mind it. It was a relief to see the Prince this way. She went around visiting, sitting as a third to offer insight or guidance. The two like-brothers murmured to each other, foreheads touching over their notebooks, a mutual supportive hand on the opposing shoulder. Jae welcomed this handshake embrace though she hadn’t seen it before, feeling that exchange of distant customs and other ways was generally worth allowing.

Norwescon Schedule

Here is my schedule for Norwescon Seattle, April 18-21! I’m enthused to be included in programming all weekend long. Come find me, or I just might find you.


Supporting Our Writing Community
Cascade 7 & 8
Thursday 2–3 p.m.
The writing world can feel small and vast all at once. As a community, we can help one another grow as authors, connect to others in the industry, and lift each other up during trying times. As a team, we are much stronger. Take part in this panelist/audience discussion to come up with new ways we can support our fellow authors, agents, and editors.
Jasmine Silvera (M), Chimedum Ohaegbu, Jon Lasser, Eva L. Elasigue

Check your Writer Privilege
Cascade 7 & 8
Thursday 4–5 p.m.
Writers have been wrong before, and they’ll be wrong again. A bad blog post, a great tweet—it’s part of the job to take risks. Even if you’re writing well, you’ll make mistakes. Join us as we discuss potential appropriation issues and how to handle these writing and professional snafus, both within yourself and your audience, and how to grow from the experience.
J. F. High (M), Eva L. Elasigue, Ren Cummins

Storing the Harvest
Cascade 10
Thursday 6–7 p.m.
How did people escape the endless cycle of feast or famine? We will review techniques to prepare and preserve meats and vegetables and see if any of these techniques are still appropriate today. Samples may be available for the brave.
Alan Andrist (M), Dr. Ricky, Ann Shilling, Eva L. Elasigue

Superhero Yoga
Grand 2
Friday 9:30–10 a.m.
Start off your super day! Gain strength and confidence from power poses, which sometimes correlate to traditional yoga or martial arts, straight from the panels or scenes. Breathe deeply. Relax and loosen those muscles like the hero you are. Go boldly into your Norwescon Friday energized for the day’s activities! Wear comfortable clothes. This is a low-impact physical activity.
Eva L. Elasigue (M)

Science Builds!
Cascade 5 & 6
Friday 11–noon
Could science build the animals of fantasy? Could a dragon exist? Breath fire? Fly? Talk?
Jake McKinzie (M), Eva L. Elasigue, Charlotte Lewis Brown, Dr. Ricky

Superhero Yoga
Grand 2
Saturday 9:30–10 a.m.
Start off your super day! Gain strength and confidence from power poses, which sometimes correlate to traditional yoga or martial arts, straight from the panels or scenes. Breathe deeply. Relax and loosen those muscles like the hero you are. Go boldly into your Norwescon Friday energized for the day’s activities! Wear comfortable clothes. This is a low-impact physical activity.
Eva L. Elasigue (M)

I Love Your Work, I Promise: Support Tips for Busy Geeks
Cascade 11
Saturday 11–noon
We’ve all been there. An artist we like is doing something cool, and we want to support them, but we don’t have the money, the time, or the spoons. How can we still show our support? Come find answers direct from our pros (who are fans too!). They’ll share tips on ways to show fannish gratitude, even when you’re strapped for resources.
Jonny Nero Action Hero (M), Eva L. Elasigue, Shubzilla, LEX the Lexicon Artist

Creativity Toolbox For Young Writers and Artists
Olympic 1
Saturday noon–1 p.m.
Come to Olympic 1 to join a variety of fun games and activities that will build a toolbox of skills for young creators of all kinds.
Kari Ann Ramadorai (M), Eva L. Elasigue

Anime, Anime, Anime!
Cascade 5 & 6
Saturday 9–10 p.m.
For all of you who wish you could be at Sakura Con as well as Norwescon, this panel is for you! We’ll be diving into the wonderful world of anime and covering the basics for those of you who are sticking your toes in for the first time, as well as exploring the latest and the greatest for those of you who have been swimming around for a while now.
Mimi Noyes (M), Gabriel de los Angeles, Eva L. Elasigue

Reading: Eva L. Elasigue
Cascade 3
Sunday 10:30–11 a.m.
Bones of Starlight 2: Abyss Surrounding, the newly-released second volume of Bones of Starlight, the fantasy space opera trilogy! When few can cross the growing divide, those who do become the fulcrum in the turn of events. Vedani, the Hirylien Remainder, Kao-Sidhe, and exile Dragons, together exert their concerted resentments upon the Pan-Galactic Imperium, which begins to waver with uncertainty. Chains of connection break and form as critical elements rearrange. Rated PG.
Eva L. Elasigue (M)

Writer AND Publisher – What Were You Thinking?
Cascade 11
Sunday 11–noon
Science fiction writers who are also publishers talk about the different skills of a writer versus a publisher, and why they ended up doing both.
Tod McCoy (M), Eva L. Elasigue, Sienna Saint-Cyr