Upcoming Discon panels

They have me in for a really well-stacked set of my current central topic panels for DisCon III, this year’s D.C. 79th Worldcon next month in December, 15-19. I love just seeing myself on these program items, and with these other names. These are mine:

1 – Balancing Story and Scientific Authenticity
Many readers love real science, or just the appearance of real science, in their science fiction. It is no small challenge to create compelling literature that also triggers a scientific sense of wonder. Panelists discuss how to do it right.

  • John Ashmead, Seanan McGuire, Derek Kunsken, Eva L. Elasigue, Lezli Robyn, Maquel A. Jacob, Catherine Asaro

2 – The Morphology of Fantasy Creatures
Do elves and pixies have better hearing because their ears are pointed, and if so, why do they need it? Big Bird is eight feet tall, has thumbs, and forward-facing eyes. Does that make him an apex pursuit predator? (No, he’s a charismatic herbivorous megafauna.) And don’t get us started on Cookie Monster…

  • DW “Lemur” Rowlands, Fonda Lee, Rodrigo Juri, Eva L. Elasigue, Benjamin C. Kinney

3 – The Phylogenetic Tree of Space Opera
Cowboy Bebop and Dune are back on screens but it’s not 1965, 1984, or 1998. Is it that everything old is new again, or is space opera just a genre that keeps on giving? If E.E. “Doc” Smith’s The Skylark of Space is the root of the tree and Asimov’s Foundation series is the trunk, where do the branches lead us?

  • John Scalzi, Walter Jon Williams, Leonardo Espinoza Benavides, Arkady, Catherynne Valente, Eva L. Elasigue

Hugo Voting, Also Attending

Maybe I can entice you to vote to honor your favorite achievements in this amazing year of science fiction and fantasy by showing you the member’s ballot.  You too can vote, by having a supporting membership (or more) to this year’s MidAmericon 2, where the Hugo Awards will be held.

This year, Hugos will also be awarded for 1941, when Borges, Heinlein, and Asimov were together in the short story category, and Lovecraft was a fan writer.  Really puts things in perspective.

Further below, see the Also Attending list, featuring this story’s author alongside her friends, childhood heroes, grown-up superstars and bookshelf occupants.  Meanwhile, know that the typewriter is keeping myself and others awake at night.

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Plus, dog hair.