Post Sasquan, Pre Ninth at just past 100

The 73rd Annual World Science Fiction Convention held in Spokane, WA was an incredible occasion and dear introduction to a great community of writers and readers.  Whether it be Kansas City, Helsinki or the world, I do hope the circle will draw me in again!

Here are some sketches, the product of a moment.
The registration line at the Spokane Convention Center.  Humans, when drawn quickly, tend to appear as standing stones:

   Sasquan registration

 The table decorations at Guinan’s Place Cabaret and Bar, where I got my feet wet (and throat) wet and put in some hours.  Signatures from tech crew and the suite party for the Fire On All Sides audiobook premier release:

Guinan's Starburst

The hallway sign pointing to the Suite of the Endless:

Party this way

This is the first time I’ve met the Foglios of Girl Genius together, but my second time seeing Phil.  The both of them signed his first sketch from Emerald City Comic Con, and Kaja’s got a copy of the audiobook!

Foglios Gkika

sketch fairy 1

Say hello to Mamma Gkika!  You can order a drink at her bar, but you’d better be ready for it.

Phil Foglio Mamma Gkika

By Phil Foglio of Girl Genius, where outside of Mamma’s bar you’ll find mountains of mad science and high adventure.  I’ve climbed those mountains, and let me just say the view from the peaks is spectacular.  If you haven’t already, check em out!