Character Study, Convention Cancellation, Art Store Exhibit

Yes, alas, ACE Comic Con Northeast is canceled due to the current pandemic emergency. I’ll be using my book supply to stock outlets and take direct orders.

This past weekend, I did attend a fantabulous character maquette bust sculpting workshop with Toby Froud and friends at The Fernie Brae gallery in Portland. I explored Rosy Glow’s concept, a Kao-Sidhe character who appears starting in Book 2.

For some of the latest work by the teaching artist, check out award-winning productions Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance television series on Netflix, and Missing Link feature film by Laika.

And here’s one pic of our little gathering at the store for Leo Shallat’s art opening:


Mini book reading at the Fernie Brae Gallery

Portlanders, come visit the Fernie Brae tomorrow Saturday 11~2 where you can engage me for a snippet of story while you explore their amazing collection of faerie world art, including works by the Froud family.

What brings Bones of Starlight to the realm of fae? Specifically, it’s those endlessly inventive epiphenomenal Kao-Sidhe, space fae who make themselves known in Book 2: Abyss Surrounding, but it could also be the Dragons. So many dimensions, so nearby, it could be anything we don’t know yet.


Dragon Food

Here I’m taking a break to introduce the work of a weekend puppet making class taught by Toby Froud at The Fernie Brae in Portland, OR.  I was playing with the idea of a character I just introduced: Dragon Food, one of the Kao-Sidhe that the Princess has just encountered.  Though he hasn’t appeared yet in such an elaborated form, this is what I have constructed.  Sculpted, painted, and fabricated entirely by me under fantastic tutelage, and not entirely finished.


The orange ninja just happens to be along.

I’m also really excited to have this: