Upon the Pages

Today, I’m sharing a little of the journey of Fire On All Sides, Bones of Starlight Book 1. Many wonderful people have been gracious enough to leave their mark upon my work, one way or another. Sitting in front of a magnificent vintage map, here’s a glimpse of Who Hath Seen:


This page includes Patti Barker, Clay Mazing, Mike Carey, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jukey Jukebox, Divya Srinivasan, Taiyo Fujii, Ken Liu, Jessica Walch, Chief Delbert Black Fox Pomani, Likhain… and it will go on until I have a new publication in my hands.

If you didn’t know these particular names already, here are hints as to the monumental awesomeness contained herein: writer guests of honor, cultural representative, Hugo & Nebula Award winners &  artist nominee, national beatboxing champs competitor, disaster zone entertainer, comic book series author, woman about to get married, fiber artist, novel translator, puppeteer!

Asking people to sign it is my way of making sure that I retain a copy of my own book.


Me and Stan Lee

Fact: my dad has loved Stan Lee longer than he’s loved my mother. He learned to draw from Jack Kirby, and I learned to draw the same way he did – by taking tracing paper to our favorite comics, without encouragement, the sole comics lover in our young lives.

I drew these waiting in line to see The Man, had to recall the outfits by heart – Psylocke (Kwannon/Betsy Braddock), Archangel, Rogue, Gambit, Jean Grey, and Cyclops.

Here’s to the godfather of modern comics, the Marvel Universe, and to my dad, who was there long before I was.