ACE AZ Recap

I’m grateful for a really amazing time in Glendale, AZ with the recent ACE Comic Con! To every last book that found a new home, I hope it’s a happy one. Whatever you thought, do send/post your official review. I love the responses I’ve gotten during the convention – like nothing they’ve ever read, in scope as well as otherwise, poetic yet succinct. I’m glad Bones of Starlight is finding people who want something that is exactly this!

I chose the following cosplay characters as clue-ins to pose with the latest book…

And these ‘characters’ (a way of referring to actual people, which the following are!) got their own copies, along with the others:

Thanks to the great crew, the cool venue, the amazing guests, and the wonderful audience. Sunrise on the saguaro & music in the heart of Phoenix! Star-studded weather with a rain dance.

Ace Comic Con Arizona

It’s ACE Comic Con weekend in Glendale/Phoenix, Arizona! The Gila River Arena is a unique sort of place to transform into a convention, and I’m feeling the power of pop star performances like The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Madonna & Justin Timberlake. Yes… we certainly have something in common.

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Here I am again! But in a new place.


Awards Eligibility Post 2018

[Novel, Debut] The first volume of the fantasy space opera trilogy Bones of Starlight: Fire Within, was re-issued in August 2018 with a new title and some adjusted linguistic details, including certain character pronouns. The course of the story remains intact from its 2016 release as Fire On All Sides. I’m unsure of this edition’s eligibility for the year, but if so, then so may it be. In all its iterations, I’ve been glad to receive reactions of enjoyment by various readers of respected opinion! By Eva L. Elasigue, via imprint Primal Spiral, first serialized on using CC-BY-NC 4.0 Creative Commons licensing. #HugoAward #NebulaAward #CampbellAward

[Novel] The next book of Bones of Starlight: Abyss Surrounding, was released in Nov/Dec 2018! This took the intergalactic saga to new frontiers, and is the second of a three-book story. I am glad and proud to bring this forth for consideration, the continuation of my deepening engagement with science fiction. By Eva L. Elasigue, via imprint Primal Spiral, first serialized on using CC-BY-NC 4.0 Creative Commons licensing. #HugoAward #NebulaAward

Also broadcasted on Twitter. Thanks for any and all consideration, and regardless please enjoy the story!


Market prices rise and fall, but I screen-captured this milestone: the out-of-print paperback version of Book 1 has at some point tripled in resale value. Congratulations to everyone who bought a copy! I hope you have enjoyed it, and please apply any incoming reviews to the newest edition, titled Fire Within. Maybe if it’s out of print they flip the cover over, is that what happened?

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 9.28.23 PM