ConZealand 2020

Here are some moments in time from the remote WorldCon, which I have the pleasure of attending.


When exactly 888 people were watching the Hugos livestream, during the final award winner’s speech for the Astounding Award for Best New Writer.


Upon waking from a snooze after joining the Seattle 2025 zoom room for the final hour of a party session. I wore many metallic eye-shaped tattoos by chance of having them, as I happen to have also done at WorldCon 75 in Helsinki. It’s an easy extraterrestrial look. That is a chin-eye.


The Arianespace sattelite launch from French Guiana was scrubbed today, but we did get to hold a launch watching party. This was a point during countdown while we still thought the launch was underway, at 2:22pm PST.


This is an url to a story you can read by Regina Kanyu Wang. I enjoy many elements of her style, and was able to attend both a Kaffeeklatsch, and a reading.


And I’ll just leave you with this.

6,766 Years

It’s been this long since people saw the comet dubbed NEOWISE, in the sky tonight, and it will be that long until it reappears – sometime around year 8746, assuming we don’t reset the numbers again for any reason. I just viewed it tonight in the sky with the naked eye, and through binoculars. A magnificence of dramatic elegance!

It’s wonderful to me that we can frame our lives within the perspective of astronomical timespans such as these. During the previous appearance was when most of the stories we know about ourselves began. What begins today that will last another 7,000 years? Consider our breath, of the same ancient oxygen. The Pan-Galactic Imperium is barely more than 1,000 years old at the time of Bones of Starlight. Please, forgive me for interrupting our story to observe this particular turning.

As with my first appearance in the sci-fi genre periodicals in Locus issue #666, I’m going to take the repeating-6 interpretation that links to creative awakening and opening to our higher dimensions of being. Oh yes, I’m all about that. I’ll hoist that torch as though my arm won’t fall for 6,766 years.