What Happens Next?

For Bones of Starlight, the story has concluded. There will still be some work around it – Book 3: Greater Beyond can reach its hardcover print form; I have promised an Appendix of peoples & places to accompany the trilogy, which can come in its own volume; it can also be part of an omnibus. I’ll still be recording Bones of Starlight progress for at least through this year. Will I still be posting twice a week? Maybe not. I could free up my structure here, so we’ll see. I did just take the Tuesdays & Fridays line off the header.

For the characters, maybe you can write a story about what happens next, if you can’t quite let them go.

My own doings, and work on other stories, may be hosted on my author site evalisaelasigue.wordpress.com.

Thanks for joining in when you did – it was to you, the anonymous hypothetical reader, that I held myself most accountable. It was the possibility of your expectation, your desire for a story, that kept me dedicated all the way to the very end. The serialization rescued the project from loss of draft through theft or damage once for sure, if not more. The whole time, slow or fluid, it was there to show anyone who cared to check that I was writing all the time.

A special thanks to Creative Commons, the organization whose work on creator’s licensing rights gave me the tailor-made legal codes I wished for long ago, which served to make me feel more comfortable sharing my hard work online.

Hey, I got this done on the Tolkien Ten-Year Trilogy Timeline (Lord of the Rings).
It’s also 50 years now since he died in 1973.
Writers Wanted, Dead or Alive.
Cheers to us.

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