Completing my Table of Contents update for Greater Beyond, it’s been 11 chapter sections in 27 installments this time, within the 25th Sequence of the trilogy. Lots brewing. I was reflecting on how one page in this part of the story is connected to 50+ other pages in the entire trilogy, so a page completion is sometimes like a 50-page completion. That probably isn’t an exaggeration. A lot of these moments have been a long time coming, satisfying and surprising, parts of an interconnected web of events.

I’ve enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with these characters, and it amounts to a lot; I know that we’ll part ways when the narrative thread is over, sooner now than before. The reader has a lot more time left with them, but now’s the point when I, the writer, have to tell myself it’s okay to let go. That’s going to happen. I know what they would think, I know what they would say, I know what they like… and I know that they’ll be fine, and so will I – in whatever sense of the word.

Your thoughts on the matter...

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