I’ve been cataloguing storehouses of records from the years since 2014, when I took this saga public by serializing. For all this time I’ve abhorred the resume model of qualification, sticking to passage on fresh ideas and evidence of story delivery. But it is good to give credit where due for doings done, somewhere, and now I have the fun problem of having done a lot of things during this time. It’s been half a season’s occasional effort and running to dig it up where I’ve dumped it all, such as this Facebook compilation:

No, that isn’t strictly all CV – I decided to include aspects of the creative journey including collaborators, inspirations, and perspective along the way. But that’s what I’m going through next. Yeah, I have outside links and footage and articles, and I often left a record of them here. So someday, an the creek don’t rise, it shall be writ upon the scroll that thou mayst peruse so as to be delighted upon the recounting.

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