Out There

Lately I’ve been from bookshop to auditorium, Olympia to Lisbon, bringing my words to new audiences, and a little bit sick! Last Word Books! Creative Commons Global Summit! & more.

Also got to see this nice fellow again, Charlie Cox that is of Stardust, Daredevil, & more. He warmly remembered our previous meeting at ACE Comic Con in Glendale, AZ, and signed my copy of Abyss Surrounding (one of which he has).


Next up is the Nebula Convention in Los Angeles!

Greater Beyond, beginning May 31st

Serial chapter postings from the next book of Bones of Starlight, 3: Greater Beyond will begin on May 31st! I’m really excited about this one, where so much will be revealed and this saga come to a close. Until then, expect various updates.

This posting is coming from the Writer’s Room of the London Library, as a guest of my member friend! From a glance at the portraits, I see that T.S. Eliot and Alfred, Lord Tennyson have preceded me here (as previous presidents of the library). Yes, that’s me there on the right, image permission granted by the other pictured member.


Yesterday in London, I was able to visit a unique independent bookstore also loved by other visiting writers: Word on the Water! A fine selection of books aboard a comfy houseboat with a fire-tending dog, and they also hold featured events. In this photo I’m standing in front with the owner, John.


Review: Abyss Surrounding by Black Gate

An excellent review for the second book of this trilogy has come in from Alfie Award-winning fantasy literature periodical Black Gate.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.50.02 PM

“Entirely as complex, multilayered, and compelling as the first, Abyss Surrounding offers daring new concepts along with enticing new situations holding familiar characters in their clutches.”

Reviewer Damien Moore picked out some personal highlights and used glowing words, such as “endlessly wondrous” and “read the book.”

You can read it here on this website in the linked originally serialized postings organized by title in the menu at the top, or obtain it via your favorite major channel, including your local bookstore.

This post brought to you by Tacoma Pirate Karaoke.

Upcoming: Last Word Books Olympia, Creative Commons Global Summit



In the heart of Washington’s state capital, lives a bookstore that is so much more. I’m pleased to provide part of the entertainment for the anniversary party with a reading this weekend! Link through the image for the event page.



I am one of the presenters at the Creators of the Commons Lightning Talks session for this year’s Creative Commons Global Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

The focus of my 15-minute talk is as follows:
CC Profiles in Arts & Entertainment Frontiers – How are license holders innovating the usage of Creative Commons rights in commercial cultural fields where they are not in wide usage? Science fiction fantasy author Eva L. Elasigue will discuss her use of CC in the realm of book and story publishing, from internet serialization, platform partnership, artistic collaboration, to print products. She will also bring word of other creative project innovators from the science fiction fantasy media genre and beyond.

I am deeply honored to be a scholarship recipient in order to attend this meeting, which will also be my first visit to Portugal. Thankful for this recognition by the creative rights movement I’ve loved since its inception, that is designing copyrights that work the way I thought they already did in the innocence of my youth.