Draft Preview Hiatus 5/7



Do you think they use toilets?
If they did, they wouldn’t need to lift some from us, would they? They could get their own.
I really hope we’re not furnishing prison cells, much less our own.
What if we are?
Then we’ll do something about it, maybe. For now, second life ain’t too bad.


“Permission to capture with me onboard. Phi Protocol.” Verne ‘Bobcat’ Trosper understood that this meant the escalating golden opportunity spiral for chase/capture/kill with dependently sequential growing activation energies for each action.


Draft Preview Hiatus 4/7



add three planes and take a tangent.
now reversed reverse acceleration parabolic, RRAP, which spells Wrap, which is not done in Reverse.
– I remember.
Okay, and we have to overshoot (to use the correct traffic entry for the sidespace)
and then you take a plane, a minor tangent, and Wrap. And we call that a cloverleaf.

“I can technically do each of those things.”

“Now do them one after the other. I believe in you.”


Easy cruisin, constant movin.” Derringer had coined this phrase a while ago for certain recurring job phases, those times when he was supposed to come up with something out of thin air with no clue. Well, the air gets thinner if you lean into the wind. Inspiration can arrive more easily, so long as you keep paying attention to what you’re really supposed to be doing. That’s what he was telling himself now.


I can use any of these seven reagent powders, and then some deionized water.

I have the DI water, of course. Will it help you if I can supply a handful each of these three?

Yes, and your mixer is working?

I’ll mix them up for you. I only have a standard spouted feeder bowl…

Soleil nodded that this would be fine. “While you do that, can I use your air brush?

Sure. It’s a little big for that.” The smallest spacecraft anyone expected to service was three to four times the size of this funny little sled.

Draft Preview Hiatus 3/7



Surprised at this ease, Soleil felt humbled. “You are very courteous to me, for a people so angry at my people.” She recalled the presence of the Kao-Sidhe as spoken through flame, when she’d had her true dream.

“And you are very courteous to us, for a people who have so injured our people.” Rosy Glow’s voice was ethereal and warm.

“I know nothing of the injury that others have done.”

“And we know nothing of the anger that others feel. So we of all people are in positions to aid each other. And so we have, or done our best.”


How and why do things feel disconnected?
my hands have felt like a hundred different hands connected to my hands
so imagine what it feels like to have five hundred fingers … that disappear
also, my primus has really intense emotions


Looking at Garlic, she felt hungry.
On a slim hope, she said, “Hey, can you make food, something I can eat?”
Immediately a clove of garlic fell to the floor, and upon hitting it turned into a garlic chicken wing.
“I guess it’s a good thing I like garlic.”
Garlic rolled around in midair.