33 \ 121

Fate betides thee in the crisp edge, as you and your friends have called it – where you have so often found and been found by each other – where it’s easy to meet and split – the place that is not nowhere, but near it.  I know where that is, and where you go.  I am the other one.  I am the tide of the storm-brought flood, and your footing will have no purchase.  Time betides thee, and the hurry of the moment.

32 \ 120

I have reasons to believe thee, who tell me what I am not yet sure we need to know.  For thou art the experts, and I believe thee with my own expert understanding.  Together, we forge what I shall believe of thee.  I believe you are the only ones in this darkness.  I believe I can light with thee the sparkling ways.  I believe you glean the greater of our questions.  I believe thee thine conclusions.  As we grow finer in knowledge, so shall I continue to believe thee.

30 \ 118

Beware thee not, all lies within expectation.  ‘Ware the gazes, their points of origin, their aim, crosses, landings.  They have their wrong directions.  Beware thee inasmuch as a shadow.  ‘Ware also the shadows, how cast, how fallen, how long.  Shadows under different suns.  ‘Ware the meeting of each shadow, yet only as such.  I am ‘ware for thine, beware thee not.