Dust Jacket & Author Site

Working to make a hardcover edition available by the Feb.5 reading at Mother Foucault’s Bookshop.

Says Josh Vogt, author of The Cleaners series & Forge of Ashes:
“A uniquely told and intertwining story, evoking interstellar mystery and a deadly inheritance, all brimming with artistic vibrancy.”


Also, visit the newly designed author website at evalisaelasigue.com, now featuring visibility under a new order.

Tmy. McSwy.’s Int’t T’nd’y: New Food Review, etc.

For a slight departure from the usual, yet on a related note:

During SASQUAN this August, I had a remarkable dessert privilege known as Peanut Brittle Cheesecake.  Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency now hosts my account of it in their New Food Reviews.  Bottom of the Fourteenth Batch.  Talk about full circle – I had one in the first batch of 2003.

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New Food Reviews

Guinan's Starburst

If you mosey about my author site, I post process, poetry, and things that inspire me.  Like this art of my girl Promethea by John Coulthart:


And who knows what else.

Indexing, of course.

The task of indexing, being either Sisyphean or Herculean (depending on the outcome), is what I find myself neck deep in currently.

Whether and when this becomes something to look at is a matter of the product.  It’s not something I’ve tried before, and I’d like it to be an enjoyable element less cluttered than the usual.

Quixotic, perhaps.