ConZealand 2020

Here are some moments in time from the remote WorldCon, which I have the pleasure of attending.


When exactly 888 people were watching the Hugos livestream, during the final award winner’s speech for the Astounding Award for Best New Writer.


Upon waking from a snooze after joining the Seattle 2025 zoom room for the final hour of a party session. I wore many metallic eye-shaped tattoos by chance of having them, as I happen to have also done at WorldCon 75 in Helsinki. It’s an easy extraterrestrial look. That is a chin-eye.


The Arianespace sattelite launch from French Guiana was scrubbed today, but we did get to hold a launch watching party. This was a point during countdown while we still thought the launch was underway, at 2:22pm PST.


This is an url to a story you can read by Regina Kanyu Wang. I enjoy many elements of her style, and was able to attend both a Kaffeeklatsch, and a reading.


And I’ll just leave you with this.

Nebulas 2020


I’ll be attending the Nebula Awards Conference for its second year in Los Angeles! Last weekend of May. You can expect to find me at the publicly-accessible Mass Autographing, and there is just a little time left in the registration window for other writers and industry professionals. This is an amazing place to associate with others dedicated to science fiction and fantasy writing, and I’m honored to be able to attend for my fourth time. It’s always a big deal to share in this kind of company.